Train for a New Job in Facilities – For FREE!

by Carole Lucido on December 7, 2012

AFE Board Members were recently contacted by West Valley College with an opportunity for training for facility workers, offered for FREE.

The idea is to train workers for promotions and advancement and it is paid for by a state program called Employee Training Panel.

AFE Silicon Valley Chapter leaders Bob Adamo, Raffy Espiritu, and Stan Nakaso selected a number of courses that they thought would appeal to AFE members. (See: Training Opportunity – West Valley College 2013.) The courses they chose were in:

  • Energy Management
  • Advanced Lighting Controls (CalCTP)
  • Construction Management and Green Building practices
  • OSHA Safety
  • Solar Site Planning

Patricia Call is the Interim Director of the Workplace Learning Resource Center, and David Esmaili is Director of Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy (ATTE) Center at West Valley College.

According to Patricia, the courses will be offered at nights and on weekends to allow students to continue their day jobs.  The location of the classes may be at West Valley or at training centers, local businesses, or even chamber of commerce conference rooms.

“We would like to get the word out about this training. We want it to work with the community so that everyone interested can take advantage of it,” said Patricia.

Patricia and David explained that this program is targeted at workers who are already employed as well as the unemployed who need new training for a new job. Their goal is “to find interested students and train them so that they will be able to do their jobs better,” said David.  In addition to working with the AFE, they are working other groups including PG&E, the Goodwill, Veterans groups, IFMA and others.

Although the program has not yet been funded, and the list of classes and curriculum has not been finalized, classes are scheduled to begin in April 2013.

The list of classes offered by the Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy Center include

  • Commute Alternatives
  • Intelligent Transportation


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Audit
  • HVAC
  • Advanced Lighting Control
  • Lighting Technician

Geographic Information Science (GIS):

  • Intro. to GIS and GPS 3
  • Intro. to Desktop GIS
  • Spatial Analysis for GIS
  • Cartographic Design for GIS
  • Database Design and Management for GIS

Renewable Energy:

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar PV
  • Weatherization
  • Window Film

Technology Sustainability:

  • LEED Prep
  • OSHA
  • Waste Management


  • Water Conservation
  • Wastewater

Training Opportunity – West Valley College 2013. If you have questions on the courses or the program please contact Patricia Call at (408) 741-2526.  For updates on the program, visit

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