Professional Certification

The AFE offers three professional certifications designed to support the career path of facilities professionals:

Certified Plant Supervisor

The first step in the process, the CPS helps new supervisors develop the professional and interpersonal skills needed to lead a staff and to gain the knowledge and technical skill to execute and manage any situation that comes their way. The CPS focuses on leadership development, time management, and effective communication skills to produce prepared and skilled front line management.

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The Certified Maintenance Manager 

This program focuses on technical training. Topics include:  Preventative Maintenance, Work Flow-Planning and Scheduling, Computerized Maintenance, Investment Returns, and Total Productive Management to name a few. The CPMM shows a mastering of current teachings and a desire to learn as new methods are developed.

Eligibility:  Anyone that is currently employed as maintenance professional and has two years experience is eligible to take the exam.

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The Certified Plant Engineer

This program establishes a standard of knowledge for all plant engineers. It targets specific areas of expertise in a wide variety of fields to enable your staff to produce at a more efficient level in all aspects of their jobs. Some of the areas covered include: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, OSHA, HVAC, and Economics/ Management. Having a certified staff assures a level of job understanding across the board, creating a unified team able to tackle problems in a timely, cost efficient manner.

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The Certified Facility Energy Analyst

The Facility Energy Analyst, or FEA, is an exclusive AFE platform; that uses a Department of Energy program for Energy Charting and Metrics or ECAM+ as the main component for the Certified Facility Energy Analyst lab program. All facilities conduct energy audits within their respective buildings. However, what’s next? How do we monitor and maintain the corrections we have made from the audits we have conducted? How do we even know what to correct? Facility professionals need a way to conduct a check-up of their building(s), whether monthly, quarterly, annually or anytime.

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The AFE also offers a program of online training or webinars available to members at reduced rates or at no cost whatsoever.

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