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  • Date: Friday, March 2nd
  • Location:  Juniper Networks

AFE Silicon Valley Proudly Presents the 56th Annual
Day With a Facility Professional

For the past 56 years AFE members have had an opportunity to influence the future of engineering by hosting students from:

  • Cal Maritime University, Vallejo
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • San Jose State University
  • Santa Clara University

This signature event matches professionals with students for a day of job shadowing.  Students get a chance to see their professional host’s work place, understand the challenges of the job, and get detailed answers to their questions from working professionals.

The day starts off at 11 am with registration at a location soon to be announced.  Students and hosts get a chance to meet one another. Lunch is served while members of the Association for Facility Engineering introduce the event and the sponsor. Then the hosts take their students back to their place of work. Some hosts arrange tours of their facility, some set up meetings with facility professionals in different departments, others do job site tours.  The idea is to give students a glimpse into what a job in the profession is really like.  At 5 pm, the hosts and students return for dinner and a panel discussion.  The event wraps up at 7pm.

Career Booth Sponsors at Day with a Facility Professional have a unique opportunity to

• Showcase you company to top talent engineering students interested in careers and internships working in the built environment

• Gather resumes from students for consideration

• Further the goal of AFE in promoting facility careers as an option to students entering the work place

• Lunch & Dinner with the students and industry professionals

• 6’ table top to display information about your company

Interested Career Booth Sponsors, please register here.