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Title 24 Building Codes


Presentation by Jimmy Sneed, P.E., WB Engineers + Consultants

  • Title 24 Background

  • Why Title 24?

  • Compliance Overview

  • Indoor Lighting & Controls

  • Outdoor Lighting & Controls

  • Alterations vs. New Construction

  • Title 24 Code Cycle Timeline

  • Expected Changes in the 2019 Code Cycle

IOT & Controls

Presentation by Zberri Alvi with Distech Controls

  • IOE - Internet of Everything

  • Smart power homes, supermarkets, even light posts

  • Bluetooth tracking

  • Silicon Valley advanced technology


Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections


Presentation by Jon Kapis with Coffman Engineers

  • Jon helped us to understand why the systems are required to be tested and inspected.

  • Who can conduct this work and how often does it need to be done?

  • How to select a qualified vendor

  • Identified items often overlooked during insoection

  • Your vendor found impairments, now what?

  • Mandatory recordkeeping requirements

  • Technology used in maintenance


What Facility Engineers Need to Know about COVID-19


Presentation by Wayne Whitzell with DFS Green

  • ​Wayne and his team have consulted with leadership teams across the United States on their response to COVID-19 and have first-hand knowledge of the approaches that may be taken to mitigate the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, most FMs are unable to publicly discuss their organization’s particular efforts to combat the virus. Wayne will offer different responses to the virus and provide FEs with the information to understand the disinfection process, which products and equipment should be used to disinfect, and how to avoid collateral issues from a PR and HR perspective. There will be plenty of time for attendees to ask questions anonymously via the webinar’s question box.

  • Wayne Whitzell has been an active member in IFMA since 2000. He is IFMA’s 2018 International Distinguished Member of the Year. In 2015, he was selected as IFMA’s Associate of the Year at IFMA’s World Workplace in Denver and was selected as IFMA’s Distinguished Author of the Year in 2016.